5 Tips For Your Next Neighborhood Trash Cleanup

SBG founder, Macaila, went around her neighborhood for a trash cleanup. Here are her top tips to help your next litter pick.

1. Know Your Local Trash Regulations

Before you go out to clean up, look online or call your local garage and recycling center to learn what is and isn’t allowed to be thrown away or recycled. Knowing which things to put in a recycling bag versus a garbage bag will go a long way to ensuring the next step is following proper disposal.

2. Come Prepared

It’s important to bring the right things for the trash cleanup and bring supplies to help yourself. Be sure you check weather and bring what you need.


Even if it’s not raining out, shoes or boots with a good grip are a great idea. There may be slippery terrain or mud, depending on the area you’re cleaning up. Some people prefer gym shoes, hiking shoes, or work boots. It’s up to you what you find supports being on your feet. Depending on the season, layers to keep you warm are another great idea. Rain coats, and other weather proof gear are a must!

Personal Care

You want to be comfortable when you’re picking up trash. Wear clothes that you can easily move in and that are weather-appropriate. Don’t forget to wear comfortable and supportive shoes that you’ve broke in before. Also, if you’ll be out on a hot day or for a long time, a water bottle is important. You will want to stay hydrated. And, don’t forget sunscreen — even if it’s cloudy. You still need the UV protection!


In your trash-picking kit, make sure you have the following:

  • Garbage bags or bins
  • Recycling bags or bins
  • Gloves
  • Trash grabber/ poker
  • Garbage and recycling stickers (if needed for your area)

If you’re coordinating a cleanup at the beach, it’s recommended to bring a sifter. This will make sorting micro-plastics from the sand much easier.

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3. Don’t Pick Up Trash With Your Bare Hands

Going off of the equipment list above, for safety and germ reasons it’s not ideal to pick things up with your bare hands. Instead, if you want to work with your hands use a thick pair of gloves. Otherwise, using a litter picker/grabber is ideal. It can also be more comfortable for people who have difficulty bending down or over.

4. Pick One Area & Start In Sections

It can be overwhelming especially if there is a lot of visible trash spread out. The best way to try and manage overwhelmed and anxiety is by beginning in one area and starting in sections.

5. Bring More Garbage Bags Than You Think You Need

It’s better to have more garbage bags to put the trash in than to deal with a bag that breaks. IKEA bags are great to bring with for holding items that can be recycled or all the trash bags once they’re full.

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