A World Without Plastic Waste

Plastic Scorecard, founder of Plastic Waste Free July (PWFJ), launches the global movement, for a world without plastic waste. The campaign also helps to understand plastics management in the 21st century. Through the power of collective action, PWFJ hopes to inspire systemic and lasting change towards a world with less waste. Keep reading to learn how!

Sustainable Business Guide is proud to support the campaign created by Plastic Scorecard.

What is Plastic Waste Free July?

Sustainable Business Guide is proud to support the Plastic Waste Free July campaign and better understand the role of corporate action to drive us toward a world with less waste. Plastic Scorecard has three main components for achieving awareness and action: n

  1. A social media campaign – this is PWFJ
  2. Impact commitment for businesses to better understand, reduce, and eliminate plastic usage
  3. Plastic scorecard and methodology to drive change

Why is this movement important?

You don’t need to own a company in order to follow along and support this movement — everyone can participate by watching the short social media video series, now live. Watch here. With these resources, both consumers and business owners/ decision-makers can begin to understand and answer the question, “what does ‘good’ look like from corporations?”; and “how are consumers a part of the sustainability journey?”

What does Plastic Scorecard hope to do?

Plastic Scorecard founded Plastic Waste Free July in efforts to lead corporate activation towards a world with less waste. Throughout this campaign and beyond, the Scorecard will be used as an industry-leading framework guiding companies to reduce plastic waste, verify progress, and communicate their impact.

SBG’s pledge and involvement

The SBG is a digital business and does not produce items or use plastic in our business plan. Instead, to support and encourage our those interested in joining the directory, SBG will offer an exclusive featured spot. As benefit of adopting the Plastic Scorecard methodology and participate in this campaign, SBG will feature a permanent “Plastics Management” category to showcase companies who commit to reducing and eliminating their plastics.

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