Ananday: Sustainable Yoga Mats & Props

Ananday created sustainable yoga mats and prop that makes plastic-free, carbon-neutral essentials for your yoga/wellness practice, more eco-friendly and attainable. Unlike most yoga products, these are free of toxic plastics and synthetics.

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About Ananday, The Sustainable Yoga Brand

In addition to sustainable yoga mats, Ananday makes sustainable yoga props and accessories for an eco-friendly flow or other workouts/areas of life. The company also offers wholesale options, perfect for stores, studios, and more! For those in the New York area, check out the stores the brand is in, here.

Female Founded

Ksenia, the founder of the immigrant and female-based startup, Ananday, wanted a yoga mat that wasn’t coated in plastics, so she created one. Ksenia advocates for transparency and welcomes questions shoppers and the community may have about the company, the production process, and environmental priority. What a breath of fresh air! Read more about Ksenia and the company’s story, here.

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Ananday’s Sustainable Yoga Efforts:

As one of the few plastic-free sustainable yoga mats available on the market, Ananday places sustainability at the center of its business model.

Sustainable Credentials

Ananday is certified carbon-neutral, plastic-free, and partners with Pachama to offset Ananday’s carbon.

Sustainability Report

Annanday is in pursuit of a zero-waste business model. Read more about their carbon impact and initiatives, here.

Sustainable Milestones

Ananday is transparent about its biodegradability and recyclability — which includes the packaging. They remove excess materials and packaging where they can. For example, the brand doesn’t use plastic wrap, labels, or tags.

As of Earth Day 2022, Ananday has contributed to planting 10,000 trees (in partnership with Trees For The Future). The company has offset 20 tonnes of CO2 through forest projects in the Amazon; and implement less exhaustive shipping methods to ensure the energy and resources the company uses is as aligned to their goals as possible (for what options are currently available to businesses/within their capabilities). Read more about their sustainability milestones, journey, and goals, here.

Social Justice

Socal justice is as important to Ananday as an environmental business model. The founder is actively seeking BIPOC led companies and business partners to collaborate with. Ananday also has a history of donating and supporting various climate justice and racial justice organizations and movements. Read more, here.

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