Avocado: Organic And Sustainable Mattresses

Avocado makes organic and sustainable mattresses, pillows, pet beds, and other sleep accessories.

About Avocado:

Avocado’s mission is to be one of the most sustainable brands on the planet. They’re working toward this goal by creating and selling sustainably-made mattresses designed for adults, children, and pets. They also offer other items like pillows, furniture, and other accessories.

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Avocado’s Sustainability Efforts:

The Los Angeles-based B Corporation handmakes its products as one way to ensure their direct involvement and understanding of the supply chain and production process. Avocado also regulates its supply chain with a variety of sustainable measures and reporting.

Sustainable Credentials

Avocado is climate-neutral. It has reduced and offsets scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Unlike other mattresses, Avocado does not use polyurethane.

Polyurethane is used by most brands to make memory foam pillows, mattresses, or other products. A reason Avocado avoids using this material is because “polyurethane foams can contain isocyanates and emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory irritation and other health problems.”

Instead, Avocado uses GOLS-certified organic latex foams (CU 863637). This is a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice of material. This material is less likely to emit VOCs. Read the Environmental Working Guide’s mattress overview, here.

Sustainability Report

Avocado’s latest report is published here. The company is transparent about how they acquire its reporting data and provide an overview of what they measure and why.

Sustainable Milestones

Avocado was the world’s first climate-neutral mattress. The company also makes its organic and sustainable mattresses and other items with eco-friendly materials. Avocado also has a sustainable podcast called “A Little Green” which tells stories to help people connect with the environment and encourage listeners to lead sustainable and more conscious lives.

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