3 Black Friday Shopping Tips

The most sustainable approach to Black Friday is not participating in it. But, what if you can’t avoid shopping? Here are three Black Friday shopping tips and things to consider while navigating the shops in a more sustainable way.

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3 Black Friday Shopping Tips To Consider:

1. Only Buy What You Need

It can be easy for shoppers to be sucked into the marketing tactics and upsell of Black Friday. To avoid spending more money and bringing home things that will ultimately sit in a drawer, strategize before you head to the shops. Know what you’re going into the stores for. This way, as you’re browsing the isles, you know that you’re taking home something that will be used. And, of course at a rate that fits more ideally with the budget you may have in mind.

2. Try To Shop From Ethical & Environmental Brands

Make sure the brands you’re shopping for prioritize ethics and the environment. Here are some things to look out for and how to understand a brand or organization’s sustainability. Not sure what brands and businesses to shop for? Browse the list we have put together!

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3. Consider What You Can Find Second Hand

A great alternative is to shop secondhand if you can. While not everything may be available secondhand, a lot of items are!

Where to shop secondhand

Preworn is a website that offers affordable fashion items in good condition. Reselling platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Depop, are great places to start your search and are equally great outlets to list any items you may want to get rid of. They’re fantastic ways to give new items a second life.

Local antique stores, vintage markets, and resale shops may also provide unique treasures that aren’t made anymore or are easy to find. Above all, shopping from any of these options will lower spending costs and help keep items out of landfills.

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