Book: How Toxic Fashion Is Making Us Sick

As part of wanting to provide resources and education behind sustainability, the SBG features books on the topic. This book selection provides information on toxic fashion. Sustainable and non-toxic fashion brands are the focus of what makes one of the categories you can browse on this website.

Why the SBG chose to feature this book

This book is a great resource to read and learn about what exactly is “fast fashion” or non-sustainable fashion and how toxic fashion impacts us in more ways than one.

Sustainable fashion journalist, Alden Wicker, has turned author. To Dye For: How toxic fashion is making us sick — and how we can fight back is a jolting exposé that reveals the true cost of the toxic, largely unregulated chemicals found on most clothing today.

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About the toxic fashion book

Many of us are aware of the ethical minefield that is fast fashion: the dodgy labor practices, the lax environmental standards, and the mountains of waste piling up on the shores of developing countries. But have you stopped to consider the dangerous effects your clothes are having on your own health? Award-winning journalist Alden Wicker breaks open a story hiding in plain sight: the unregulated toxic chemicals that are likely in your wardrobe right now, how they’re harming you, and what you can do about it.

In To Dye For, Wicker reveals how clothing manufacturers have successfully swept consumers’ concerns under the rug for more than 150 years, and why synthetic fashion and dyes made from fossil fuels are so deeply intertwined with the rise of autoimmune disease, infertility, asthma, eczema, and more. In fact, there’s little to no regulation of the clothes and textiles we wear each day–from uniforms to fast fashion, outdoor gear, and even the face masks that have become ubiquitous in recent years. Wicker explains how we got here, what the stakes are, and what all of us can do in the fight for a safe and healthy wardrobe for all.

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