Concave Summit: Climate Change Event

Concave Summit is a climate change event gearing up for its sixth year. Attend the 2024 sessions in London or tune in remote from anywhere in the world.

About Concave Summit:

The summit is designed to create community and discuss the impacts of climate change and sustainable development from a business perspective. Concave seeks to help attendees understand “what leading organizations are doing, systems thinking, transformation and the circular economy.” Plus, as a climate change event, Concave sets out to equip attendees with an understanding and wider network for how to integrate sustainable development within their organization, startup, nonprofit, and career.

Who is the event for?

  • Business Leaders
  • Startup Founders
  • Sustainability Executives
  • Human Resource Teams & Learning Managers
  • Strategy & Business Development Executives
  • Individuals aspiring to learn and lead in Social Impact and Sustainability

What To Expect At A Sustainable Focused Event:

The one day summit’s schedule features keynotes with top industry leaders, networking breakout opportunities, and meals. Unlike other summits the environment is relaxed and doesn’t feel isolating. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the event and learn about new resources.

Top Tip: When networking, make sure you listen to what the other people are saying and sharing with you. Don’t bulldoze over them or shove your business card or social media in their face.

SBG’s Experience Attending A Climate Change Event:

SBG attended Concave Summit 2023, virtually. It was a great experience and was surprisingly inclusive. There was a private channel on the streaming service for all virtual attendees to message. It was great forming a group and being able to participate in the breakout community sessions despite not being in person. The team is counting down to Concave 2024 and looks forward to attending in person!

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