Does Black Friday Really Save Money?

Black Friday deals are marketed all around. But, does Black Friday really save shoppers the money it claims?

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The Truth About The Day After Thanksgiving

Does Black Friday really save money? Ultimately, Black Friday isn’t the cheapest day of the year. Many brands are unfortunately lying or pushing the same deals with different wording and marketing from other yearly sales or campaigns.

Brands Aren’t Actually Providing The Best Deal

I know what you’re thinking. The price tags, ads, and marketing campaigns are a lie. The items may cost less to purchase, but it’s not cheaper.

99.5% Of Black Friday sales aren’t cheaper

An investigation found that 95% of the time, there are other periods throughout the year where items are the same price or available for cheaper than what’s marketed on Black Friday. That means the “Black Friday Exclusive” or “Black Friday Only” deals are not true and run during other months.

92% Of sales are the same price as before Black Friday

The same investigation found that stores offer the same products that they mark “on-sale” for Black Friday at the same price 6-months before the day after the Thanksgiving sale.

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98.5% Of products are the same price after Black Friday

Another shocking statistic in the investigation reveals that 98.5—nearly all Black Friday sales—offer products that are the same price six months after the big shopping day.

Cost Of Production Remains The Same

The amount of money it takes to make an item doesn’t typically change for Black Friday. The supplies, workers, shipping, etc. remain at the same price. If anything, the markdowns showcase how much profit is typically made from an item and how little may be made by those working the supply chain process, on retail floors, and more. Seasonal employees specifically shared how stressful and underpaid the day after Thanksgiving sales are.

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