GreenHosting: Eco-Friendly Websites

Green Hosting is an eco-friendly website host — a type of website hosting service powered by renewable energy as opposed to typical websites powered by fossil fuels.

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About Green Hosting, The GreenHosting: Eco-Friendly Website Host:

In 2004, Green Hosting’s parent company, Make Hay (website design services) wanted to host their website with renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources — fossil fuels. And so, the journey to founding Green Hosting and Green Hosting UK began.

Two years later, Make Hay was able to deliver on their goal and provide wind-powered website hosting for themselves and their clients.

The image is a cartoon drawing of a hill with three trees on top of the hill, on the the left and three windmills on top of the hill, on the right.

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Green Hosting’s Sustainability Efforts:

By choosing Green Hosting’s 100% wind-powered website hosting option, each website then contributes to producing less global carbon emissions. Read more about that, here. Renewable energy is sourced from on-shore and off-shore wind farms in the United Kingdom.

Why consider eco-friendly website hosting? Green Hosting customers are making the choice to avoid website hosting powered by fossil fuels, which is a contributor to global carbon emissions. Eco-friendly websites are a great way to begin taking sustainable steps in your business, hobby, career, and life.

Sustainable Credentials

Green Hosting is a supporter of Renewable World and donates a minimum of 1% of monthly sales to the organization. This is a priority to ensure renewable energy is a priority within the business model and on a wider, more global scale. Being a partner/supporter of Renewable World also aligns with Green Hosting’s social change and economic growth values.

Sustainable Business Model

In addition to providing a sustainable digital product/service, Green Hosting has a sustainable business model, prioritizing environmental business banking options, sustainable stationery, and environmental business insurance that supports wildlife and animal charities. IT equipment is also sourced sustainably with energy-efficient options/solutions. Other initiatives such as low travel and the use of minimal paper products are implemented. Click here to read more about the sustainable business operations.

Sustainability Alignment

Make Hay and Green Hosting are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click here for the specifics and progress.

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