EcoRoots: Plastic-Free Online Shop

EcoRoots is a plastic-free online shop for eco-friendly and low-waste beauty, skincare, health, and household products.

EcoRoots Low-Waste Products

About EcoRoots:

Featuring over 50 low-waste products, EcoRoots is an online marketplace for plastic-free, reusable, and vegan-friendly products. The brand produces and sells a range of low-waste skincare, zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars, sustainable bath and body products, and eco-friendly home, laundry, and kitchen items. EcoRoots also offers bundles and kits to help you save on your sustainable essentials and eliminate as much plastic as possible from your home.

Female Founded

Antonia Pitica founded EcoRoots to help make it easy and convenient for people to reduce their environmental impact. Antonia shares that she is “a true believer that making sustainable choices in our daily routine can lead to a big lasting impact.”

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Sustainability Efforts:

EcoRoots works with a range of suppliers and vendors globally and within the United States to help source and manufacture its products sustainably – from the ingredients used to product packaging. The company’s beauty and skincare products are vegan and made in small batches. While each product on EcoRoots’ online store has its own sustainable credentials, EcoRoots ensures all products are responsibly sourced.

EcoRoots Company Values

Here are a few actions EcoRoots is taking for a more sustainable product range:

Cruelty-Free: EcoRoots’ goal of making a more positive impact is extended toward the animals that rely on our kindness. All EcoRoots products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals, and most product ranges are also vegan-friendly.

Low-Waste Packaging: Aiming to be plastic-free throughout all areas of business, EcoRoots has focused on reducing the plastic packaging of its products. Most EcoRoots products are packaged in recyclable or compostable containers, or in recyclable or reusable glass jars.

Plastic-Free Shipping: EcoRoots products are shipped using only plastic-free, recyclable, or compostable materials. The company also works with its suppliers and vendors to ensure that the orders it receives are shipped plastic-free, too. EcoRoots aims to reuse packaging whenever possible.

EcoRoots Low Waste Beauty

Social Justice & Advocacy

EcoRoots donates a portion of its annual sales to organizations that give back to the planet, including Ocean Conservancy. To date, EcoRoots has raised over $16,000 for Ocean Conservancy.

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