EnviroKlenz: Air Purifiers & Cleaning Products

EnviroKlenz is a sustainable indoor air quality company providing air purifiers and cleaning products for home and commercial use.

Company manufactures sustainable cleaning products for home and commercial use.

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About EnviroKlez:

EnviroKlenz came to be, after aiding U.S. military operations with chemical decontamination. Fast forward to today and the company has grown and manufactures air purifiers, parts, and cleaning products. Items are ideal for a variety of places—homes, schools, hospitals, and business environments.

The company offers Affirm payment plan options on qualifying purchases as a way to make clean air and environments more accessible.


EnviroKlenz products are manufactured in the United States. The technology has undergone third-party testing and the full report is available to read, here.

Sustainability Efforts:

The EnviroKlenz 360° of Sustainability outlines the company’s active participation to lead and support others on a journey toward living a toxin-free life. This model is based on their view to implement values rooted in craftsmanship, accessibility, responsibility, and general eco-friendliness.

How does it work?

Made with non-toxic ingredients and without chemical fillers, EnviroKlenz uses natural minerals such as aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, and zinc oxide, to make up the core of their FAST-ACT cleaning solutions. This creates their “Adsorptivhttp://shrsl.com/4bhi7e Neutralization” and ensures there are no harmful byproducts created or released back into the environment.

Sustainable company tests products using third-party testing to reduce toxins and contaminants.

Sustainable Milestones

EnviroKlenz has reduced its carbon footprint eight times and has a better product packaging system in place.

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