Green Kid Crafts: Eco-Friendly Craft Boxes

Green Kid Crafts is a female-founded eco-friendly company providing STEAM subscription craft boxes for children ages 3-12 with 4-6 activities per box.

Two young children happily hold up their Green Kid Crafts subscription boxes

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About Green Kid Crafts:

The eco-friendly subscription company Green Kid Crafts is designed to educate children in nature-based STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). The online-only business ships to all North American addresses (including Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and APOs). However, for anyone wanting to purchase products outside of North America, shipping is available internationally as well. Green Kid Crafts utilizes a panel of child development experts, to learn about the panel’s backgrounds please read more here.

Female Founded

Penny Bauder founded Green Kid Crafts when she saw a need to reduce waste created by children’s crafting. As an environmental scientist, Penny works alongside professional educators determined to make eco-friendly crafts.

Sustainability Efforts:

Green Kid Crafts promotes a “10 Ways Green Kid Crafts Is Clean” plan that follows an eco-friendly and sustainable business. From the crafts to the boxes themselves, the environment is at the core. First and foremost, each craft kit comes with the exact amount of supplies needed, to minimize waste and prevent overconsumption.

Sustainable Credentials

The Green America Certified Business is on a mission to teach the next generation sustainable values for an eco-friendly life. From creating sustainability-focused theme boxes to utilizing the shipping material in their crafts, the company emphasizes an eco-friendly business plan. For every purchase made the company plants one tree in an effort to promote global reforestation. Additionally, Green Kid Crafts also offsets 100% of carbon dioxide emissions produced by the business.

Materials Used

Green Kid Crafts utilizes eco-friendly shipping boxes made of 100% recycled material to minimize packaging and print materials. All kits are also bundled together using specialty bags made from 100% recycled and/or biodegradable materials.

Two children sit with their Green Kid Crafts subscription boxes.

Sustainable Milestones

Green Kid Crafts has recently deployed a Grassroots Team and works with One Tree Planted and The Carbon Fund to push forward their internal policy. Read more about Green Kid Crafts’ social responsibility, here. They are also members of 1% For The Planet.

Children hold their green kid craft boxes while smiling.

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