How We Implement SDG 12

This post details how we, the Sustainable Business Guide (SBG), implement SDG 12 — the Sustainable Development Goal for responsible consumption and production. Click here to learn more about SDG 12.

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How The SBG Implements SDG 12

The SBG is in the process of developing its first-ever impact report. This is on track to launch at the end of 2023 on the impact page, here. Until then, it’s important to share what the Sustainable Business Guide stands for and is working toward behind the scenes. Sustainable Development Goal 12 is one of the SDGs that directly correlate with the work the SBG does and provides.

How the SBG contributes to responsible consumption and production

The Sustainable Business Guide commits to encouraging and contributing to responsible consumption and production. The SBG was formed to aid the components of a circular and more sustainable economy, which this goal is built around. The SBG will continue to exclusively provide sustainable alternatives for consumption and provide resources to share knowledge on sustainable and responsible consumption and production.

Additionally, the SBG will encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and support companies alongside their sustainable journeys. In addition to being a directory that pairs consumers with sustainable businesses, brands, items, and events, the SBG offers sustainable consulting services to businesses at all stages in their environmental journey/progress, as a way to promote, encourage, support, and further develop sustainable business practices and responsible consumption and production.

How the SBG will work toward achieving its commitment to goal 12

  1. An annual impact report will be published. This will detail the SBG’s commitment to these goals, overall sustainability, and more. It will be free to access.
  2. The SBG will continue to regulate the listings and businesses featured on this website and other online platforms the SBG has a presence on. Click here to learn about what the SBG looks for in a sustainable business, brand, or product.
  3. The SBG will maintain remote operations as a way to minimize emissions, waste, and general impact.
  4. For any travel required, the SBG will detail the miles and emissions in a log and then work with an independent specialty organization to best strategize on how to offset those emissions.
  5. An additional travel strategy will enter the active development phase in August 2023 and be published alongside the impact report at the end of the year.

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