How We Implement SDG 13

This post details how we, the Sustainable Business Guide (SBG), implement SDG 13 — the Sustainable Development Goal for climate action. Click here to learn more about SDG 13.

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How The SBG Implements SDG 13

The SBG is in the process of developing its first-ever impact report. This is on track to launch at the end of 2023 on the impact page, here. Until then, it’s important to share what the Sustainable Business Guide stands for and is working toward behind the scenes. Sustainable Development Goal 13 is one of the SDGs that directly correlate with the work the SBG does and provides.

How the SBG contributes to taking climate action

The Sustainable Business Guide commits to SDG 13. Specifically, the SBG will apply relevant goals outlined in the SDG Act Now campaign for the UN’s 2030 goal. 

Additionally, the SBG will encourage its audience, consumers, partners, and staff to apply the knowledge shared on this website and across the other SBG platforms, to understand and use purchasing power, lifestyle choices, and voting power to help accelerate the mitigation of climate change.

How the SBG will work toward achieving its commitment to goal 13

  1. Prioritize transparency through publishing reporting and other climate initiatives.
  2. Participate in local, global, partnership-based, and original climate awareness campaigns throughout the calendar year.
  3. Provide educational opportunities and resources to staff in order to support their understanding of sustainable development, climate change, and sustainable business practices.
  4. A strategy will be published in the impact report that will measure, track, mitigate, and offset the SBG’s emissions.

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