How We Implement SDG 8

This post details how we, the Sustainable Business Guide (SBG), implement SDG 8 — the Sustainable Development Goal for decent work and economic growth. Click here to learn more about SDG 8.

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How The SBG Implements SDG 8

The SBG is in the process of developing its first-ever impact report. This is on track to launch at the end of 2023 on the impact page, here. Until then, it’s important to share what the Sustainable Business Guide stands for and is working toward behind the scenes. Sustainable Development Goal 8 is one of the SDGs that directly correlate with the work the SBG does and provides.

How the SBG contributes to decent work and economic growth

The Sustainable Business Guide commits to providing equal employment opportunities, fair, and equal pay to all employees. Additionally, the SBG will provide the accommodations and assistance needed for any and all employees to complete and maintain their tasks and positions.

The SBG will also encourage partners to implement SDG 8 and seek to understand how partners support and implement this goal.

How the SBG will work toward achieving its commitment to goal 8

  1. While the SBG is not currently hiring, the priority is to develop an internal non-biased, fair, and equal employment opportunity policy and plan. The developmental phase will begin summer of 2023 and updates will be reflected in the end-of-year impact report.
  2. Any contracted and non-contracted. employees will be issued a contract abiding by the United States of America labor laws and any additional Illinois state-specific compliance while adhering to the living wage standard.
  3. The SBG will seek to identify areas where it can support employees and provide apprenticeship opportunities
  4. The SBG will develop reasonable accommodations for any positions it hires for.

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