Impactbytes: Sustainable Affiliate Platform

Impactbytes is a sustainable affiliate platform to connect consumers, creatives, and influencers with sustainable brands and publishers.

About Impactbytes, The Sustainable Affiliate Platform:

Impactbytes encourages users to use Impactbytes as a way to”optimize revenue streams while promoting conscious brands and products.”

Impactbytes is especially helpful for journalists, media creatives, publishers, and influencers searching for a sustainable affiliate program option. It can be overwhelming to manage dozens of affiliate platforms, but Impactbytes has multiple brand programs and products to link to.


In the picture below, the founding team consists of Melissa WijngaardenNoor Veenhoven, and Marcella Wijngaarden.

Find more sustainable brands and businesses listed in the directory.

Sustainability Credentials

Impactbytes aligns itself with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and uses those as its “Noth Star”. The company also works with brands that meet certain criteria across ethics and the environment. Read more, here.

Sustainable Milestones

Impactbytes offers publishers (those using the affiliate programs) the opportunity to research and learn about the sustainability and impact of the brands listed on Impactbytes. Users can view certifications, labels, and partners that work to develop the business or products.

For Business Owners

The transparency Impact allows helps to ensure that all of the ethical and environmental priority is being published and reaching the target audience who also cares about these milestones and strategies.

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