Leaf Shave: Sustainable Razors & Shaving Accessories

Leaf Shave creates sustainable razors and shaving accessories that are reusable and plastic-free.

Leaf Shave
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About Leaf Shave:

Leaf Shave is a plastic-free razor brand that creates innovative, sustainable metal razors and shaving accessories. Featuring a range of reusable razors, dermaplaners, and shaving accessories, such as razor stands, cases, shave oils, and soaps, Leaf is working to keep millions of disposable plastic razors out of landfills each year.

Not only are Leaf razors engineered to last, rinse clean, and are finished for rust resistance and easy care, but the company packages and ships plastic-free, too. Leaf also measures, records and aggressively offsets the carbon footprint of their organization, and financially supports climate action non-profits.

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Sustainability Efforts:

Leaf Shave creates plastic-free products, ships plastic-free, offers a blade recycling program, and as a business, offsets its operation’s carbon footprint.

For its users, Leaf helps you ditch plastic in your shave by reducing waste or eliminating it. All Leaf razors are recyclable as scrap metal at end-of-life, and all Leaf blades can be recycled through their blade recycling program.

All Leaf Shave products are cruelty-free. Once a year the company financially donates to an environmental non-profit of the Leaf Shave team’s choice.

Sustainable Credentials

Leaf Shave has been Certified Climate Neutral since 2019.

Blade Recycling Program

Leaf offers an in-house blade recycling program, so you can recycle your blades safely once you’re done using them. This program aims to provide an option to keep metal blades out of landfills, helping you close the loop on your shave.

How does it work?

Follow the steps on this page to recycle your metal blades. After replacing your razor with a fresh blade, Leaf recommends storing used blades together in something like their blade tin, or you can up-cycle an old mint tin. Then, once your tin is full, you can either bring your tin to a local scrap metal facility that will recycle your blades or send your blades back to Leaf for recycling.

Leaf Shave Blade Recycling

Sustainable Milestones

According to Leaf Shave’s Climate Neutral page, since 2019 the brand has reduced energy use at its office, reduced emissions from vehicles driving from its warehouse, as well as from shipping and material production, and has reduced single-use office supplies such as cups and paper towels.

Currently Working Toward

Leaf Shave is working toward reducing product waste by ensuring products that do not meet quality inspection or are returned by customers are recycled. The brand is also working on reducing emissions associated with sourcing its shipping materials.

Social Justice & Advocacy

Every Earth Month, the Leaf Shave team chooses a global non-profit doing work for the environment or Earth’s ecology, and they make a financial donation to support that work. Most recently, they have provided support for the following organizations:

Pacific Whale Foundation (2023)
Pollinator Partnership (2022)
Coral Restoration Foundation (2021)
Adaptation Fund (2020)

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