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The online sustainable shop, EarthHero, is a general store made for people looking to live more sustainably.

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About EarthHero:

EarthHero is an online sustainable shop that is especially great for people who don’t have access to local sustainability stores. The online store has a range of items—from kitchen staples to children, pets, beauty items, and more. EarthHero has great options for sustainable packages/product bundles. Browse those, here.

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EarthHero’s Sustainability

EarthHero was founded on sustainable principles and continues to develop those across various areas of the business. The online sustainability shop partners with other sustainable brands and only sells eco-friendly brands. It also works toward maintaining various sustainability credentials and implementing shipping processes that have minimal impact.

Sustainable Credentials

EarthHero has multiple sustainability credentials including alignment with 1% For The Planet, being a certified B Corporation, and being Climate Neutral certified. Read their specific impact, here.

Sustainable Report

EarthHero publishes yearly sustainable reports. The current report can be found here and so can the archive.

Sustainable Milestones

The online sustainability shop reported to “prioritize sourcing easily recyclable materials.” Examples of these materials are, “aluminum, cardboard, compostable wrappers, and glass.” Additionally, EarthHero has committed to sourcing biodegradable materials. On top of that, sourcing compostable materials are a priority. These are “natural fibers, bio-based formulas, paper, aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. “

Lastly, the brand likes to “reuse boxes and any packing materials whenever [possible].” They use “boxes and pack fill from vendors, returns, and other shipments received at [their] warehouse.”

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