Kooshoo: Plastic-Free Hair Accessories

Kooshoo is a plastic-free hair accessories brand that makes sustainable hair ties, scrunchies, and headbands.

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About Kooshoo, The Sustainable Hair Brand:

Kooshoo has a diverse range of hair plastic-free hair accessories — from sustainable hair ties and scrunchies to headbands in various colors. With many color options, there is surely something for everyone interested in more sustainable and stylish hair accessories!

Female Founded

Rachel, alongside her co-founder, Jesse, created Kooshoo as a way to ensure “a future where we all feel the awe, peace, and balance of nature so deeply that we are inspired to protect and preserve it.” The founders “want to make [their] mark on the world without leaving a mark on the planet.” Learn more about how a wrong turn led them down the right path, here.

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Kooshoo’s Sustainability Efforts:

Kooshoo takes accountability for their business and the life cycle of the products “from start to finish.” In practice, this means Kooshoo sources from natural materials that are considered renewable, organic, plant-based, and plastic-free. Learn more about this, here.

Sustainable Credentials:

Kooshoo holds a variety of certifications and the brand notes it holds two types. The first is attributed directly to Kooshoo and the other is attributed to the suppliers Kooshoo partners/works with. Click here to read more about what this means and what certifications they hold.

Sustainability Report:

Kooshoo lists the main aspects of sustainability (frequently asked questions and the brand’s systems) in blogs. Of those, the most important (at least in SBG’s opinion) is their transparency on who makes Kooshoo’s products. Additional resources include information on composting hair accessories, plastic-free packaging and shipping, low-impact and non-toxic dyes, materials, and a breakdown of cotton versus organic cotton.

Sustainable Milestones

Kooshoo’s priorities and sustainable system allow them to “ship every order 100% plastic-free.”

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