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The Sustainable Business Guide knows what it takes to run a business and what your target audiences are looking for. SBG provides communications, marketing, and public relations support. We do extensive research and implement strategy, so you can focus on providing the best experience for your audiences.

How We Can Support

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Consultations are our most popular service. Whether you have a dedicated in-house team or are tackling your business solo, we can walk alongside you and your business needs.

Strategy & Execution

Everything we do is rooted in strategy. We deliver specific, traceable, and data-backed insight to help your business grow. If you and your team want to do the work, we’ll make sure you understand how to implement everything. Alternatively, SBG offers support with executing the strategy through project and retainer-based options. Whichever option you choose, we’ll provide communications, marketing, and public relations support that achieves your goals.

Communications, Marketing, & PR Services:

While often lumped together, communications, marketing, and public relations (PR) require its own strategy and approach.

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Ways We Can Work Together:

SBG offers a customized way of working with clients. Below are the three ways our services are implemented.

Startup Support

Starting at $7,500

Whether your business is an idea, entering pre-launch, or newly acquired and ready for a revamp, this is the package for you. We will walk through your needs and ensure your business goals are front and center of all strategies and support.

What this includes:

  • Initial digital setup (or relaunch)
  • Website audit or website build
  • Full- strategy
  • Social media setup or audit of existing platforms
  • Content bank to use across social media platforms
  • Full digital branding
  • Plus more!

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Starting at $1,500

Every business is different. Even those within the same industry. We will work together to identify your needs and create a project plan that promptly reaches your goals without blowing through your budget.

An example of projects for hire include:

  • Seasonal campaign support
  • Content calendar development
  • Copywriting
  • Reputational reporting
  • Influencer event coordination
  • Plus more!

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Monthly Retainers

Starting at $2,500

For those uninterested in executing the strategy or with teams at full capacity, SBG offers monthly retainers where we can implement everything for you.

Most popular offerings:

  • Strategy executions/ implementation
  • Social media management
  • Public relations (PR) management
  • Event support
  • Digital membership management
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) development
  • Blog writing
  • Newsletter writing and management

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Sustainable Reporting

Sustainable reporting services allow us to communicate the work your business is doing or wants to do, in a way that is inclusive to those of varying sustainability journies and levels of understanding.

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