Sustainable Advent Calendars

The holidays are full of decorations and gifts. But, it can also be wasteful. Here are sustainable advent calendars to help minimize waste.

What is a sustainable advent calendar?

A sustainable advent calendar is an advent calendar designed to have minimal to no waste or that can ideally be reused year after year. The contents of the calendar are also made sustainably.

Sustainable advent calendars

5 Eco-Friendly Advent Calendars:

In the United States alone, the average American produces 6.25 pounds of waste per day during the holiday season, which averages to 43.75 pounds per week (Brightly, 2022). Which, is a lot of waste generated! Here are five options that help to keep the number down while learning into the holiday spirit.

1. DIY Advent Calendar

The most sustainable option is to make a DIY advent calendar from items you may already have or be able to source secondhand. Below are two featured options for those who want to tackle crafting. DIY advent calendars may also be better for anyone with allergies or sensitivities. You can create or gift items guaranteed to fit your needs.

2. Reusable Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is a great base to personalize the decor instead of making everything from scratch. Plus, if you have children, this could be a fun holiday activity to get everyone involved. Pinterest has great DIY advent calendar and advent calendar decorating ideas if you need design inspiration.

The 25-drawer customizable paper mache chest makes for a great advent calendar. Decorate with your favorite crafting supplies and enjoy using this year after year!

Not into DIY? Below are pre-made sustainable advent calendar options. too!

3. Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Advent Calendar

This item is currently only available from Amazon. It can feel defeating purchasing from this store, but that is in no way a reflection of your dedication to the environment. What’s most important and impactful is to be imperfectly sustainable rather than wait to be the perfect environmentalist. To make your order more sustainable, please consider opting for the longest delivery time instead of overnighting. And remember, you don’t have control over what a corporation does or where sustainable items are available.

Photographed is a red, two-foot tall, rectangular chocolate advent calendar box with a Christmas tree designed and chocolate designed to look like little ornaments.

The two-foot tall plastic-free advent calendar is ideal for people with a sweet tooth. Tony’s offers a variety of chocolates, which are all sustainably and ethically made, plus fair trade.

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4. The Brewing Company Coffee Advent Calendar

Photographed is a box that says "Advent Calendar 25" on it and below are three rows of individually packaged coffee, which are the products within the previously mentioned box.

Calling all coffee lovers, The Brewing Company has a sustainable advent calendar. The all-in-one brewing mechanism means the coffee can be made without a fancy machine and it’s reusable. Enjoy 25 distinct coffee options leading up to Christmas!

5. Play n Choc Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with this vegan, allergy-free, and plastic-free advent calendar.

This advent calendar has 24 drawers with chocolate, a 3D puzzle toy, and a fun facts card about the toy inside.

Which of the sustainable advent calendars is your favorite? Leave a comment on this post to let us know!

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