Sustainable Clear Purses & Bags

Margo Paige is a slow-fashion brand that makes sustainable clear purses and bags alongside other small-batch clothing items.

About Margo Paige

Austin, Texas-based brand, Margo Paige, carries “eco-friendly products that focus on stylish active living”. Click here to learn more about how the brand started.

Why clear bags?

Around the world, music, sports, food-festival, and entertainment venues require clear purses and bags, in order to attend events.

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Sustainability Efforts:

The website currently has its mission, ethos, and sustainable goals listed. After an email conversation with the brand, Margo Paige reported that a full supply chain map is in progress. It will be published/released as soon as it’s completed.

In the meantime, the resources mentioned below capture all that is public.

Sustainable Credentials

The brand works with manufacturers who reportedly pay their employees a living wage and who also meet fair labor standards. Certifications or names are not currently listed on Margo Paige’s website. When they become available, this page will be updated.

Small Batch Creation

Margo Paige limited the brand’s selection to a small batch as a way to regulate products on the market. Additionally, this small-batch method attempts to maintain its sustainability goals without contributing to overproduction and to prevent excess waste. The clear bags are also designed with a multifunctional approach. The clear purses and bags are created to comply with most stadium and venue guidelines, while considering elements that transcend fashion trends and become wardrobe staples. The lack of patterns also supports that approach and prevents additional fabrics and materials from creating unnecessary waste.

Materials Used

Margo Paife sources raw materials such as recycled clear vinyl, vegetable-tanned leather, and ethically sourced hardware. Those three major materials were selected as a way to reduce the brand’s demand for fossil fuel-derived materials. Additional details on these materials and end-of-life care or regeneration are not yet available on the website. This page lists nylon as another material used. It states the brand’s end goal to map a more detailed circular business model to reuse nylon materials.

End-Of-Life Care & Circularity

At no extra cost, customers who have previously purchased from Margo Paige can send back the items they no longer want or need, as part of the brand’s end-of-life care. The brand works in partnership with TerraCycle.

The brand shares that the take-back program is in the first phase. Additional information on how many phases there are is not provided or publically available at this time.

How does it work?

The take-back program requires those interested to complete the form at the bottom of this web page. The brand will then be in touch to coordinate the shipping. When Margo Paige has received the items, they’re then sent to TerraCycle. TerraCycle will break down the item and reuse the materials to be made into other things. This diverts the items from landfill and allows the materials to be made into something else.

Longevity of the take-back program

Margo Paige‘s ultimate goal for this program is for the take-back program to return the materials used for the bags, once recycled, within the supply chain the brand is mapping, for a 100% circular model.

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