Sustainable Dog Beds

These sustainable dog beds from Avocado are made from leftover materials from the brand’s other products. Although these products are marketed for dogs, other pets may use and enjoy them. Product sizes are available from small to extra large and have warranty options as well as payment plans available.

About Avocado:

The SBG previously featured Avocado in another listing. Click here to read an overview of the company. This listing only focuses on Avocado’s dog bed production and sustainability.

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Avocado’s Dog Bed Sustainability Efforts:

Avocado is most famous for its sustainable and organic mattresses. Apparently, it was only a matter of time until the company branched out into pet beds!

However, the sustainable pet beds were born from a need. Avocado needed to figure out what to do with all of the leftover material from the furniture collection it produces. Throwing the materials away and letting scraps go to waste, would be a violation of the sustainable business model. So, what could Avocado do?

Avocado decided to use this as an opportunity to continue minimizing its waste and instead, regenerate the scraps— making something old/existing into something new.

Sustainable Credentials

Avocado does not have a separate impact report for the dog bed product line Instead this is accounted for in the company’s overall impact reporting and sustainability plan. However, there are specific details listed in the product description of each available dog bed product.

Sustainable Materials

Avocado’s sustainable dog beds are made from wood scraps, organic cotton, organic natural latex foam, and coconut husk. The Organic Dog Bed is biodegradable and uses the same conscious materials as the company’s human mattress, covers, and bedding. The dog bed cover is removable and washable.

The sustainable Dog Pillow also has an organic cotton cover and has a canvas liner that is filled with vegan buckwheat hulls.

The Dog Bed Frame comes in sizes small to extra large. The bed frame is made from leftover materials from the company’s furniture collection. The beds are handcrafted in Los Angeles and all materials are FSC®-certified reclaimed wood and Douglas fir that is finished with a non-toxic, zero-VOC stain and varnish. Read more about this product, here.

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