The Eras Tour Outfit Ideas: RED (TV) Inspired

We understand your struggle all too well, which is why we’ve put together this guide. See our The Eras Tour outfit ideas: RED (TV) inspired. As a reminder, these are the guidelines we use to confirm brands and businesses as sustainable. View more Eras Tour guides, here.

Eco-Friendly Eras Tour Outfits

The clothing, accessories, and makeup featured within this guide range in price and are not listed in that order. If you purchase anything in this guide, take a photo and tag us. We’d love to see your Sustainable Eras Tour outfit! Don’t forget to bring your stadium-approved sustainably-made (and budget-friendly) clear bag or purse.

Our Favorite RED (TV) Outfit Ideas:

This first section highlights SBG’s favorite Red-themed outfit pieces. All of the items in this section and the following feature pieces that can be worn outside of your tour costume. We wanted to include “real-life” pieces to avoid clothes being worn once and then ending up in a donation bin or landfill.

Cami Short Ruffled Dress, $205

With a cute sweetheart cut neckline and open back, this playful dress is made from an upcycled blend of cotton and linen. Perfect for twirling!

SBG Styling Tip:

Pair this with cowboy boots (our favorite red ones are featured, below) and stack friendship bracelets up both arms. If you have any of the neutral cardigans, they would look chic draped over the shoulders. And, if you plan on purchasing the tour’s sweatshirt/pullover merch, that would also look cute draped over the shoulders.

Wear all of these pieces together or purchase them individually to build your own outfit. Note: wear thick socks to help break in any pair of cowboy boots.

RED-Inspired Dresses:

We’re heavily leaning into the red theme of this era. Our founder, Macaila, has been to two Eras Tour outfits and she said there have been a lot more hot pink Lover outfits. This would be a fun pop of color in the sea of Lover-themed costumes. While the models dress up these outfits, they can be paired with sneakers, cowboy boots, or sandals.

RED-Inspired Skirts & Bottoms:

These skirts would look cute styled with any previous tour or eras merch you already have — or a DIY “who’s Taylor Swift anyway, ew?” tee.

RED-Inspired Tops:

Depending on your show date, it may get quite warm. Having a tank as your base layer or pairing with a cardigan or jacket will help keep you cool.

RED-Inspired One-Pieces:

One-pieces are another practical and fantastic option. If you don’t want to worry about a skirt blowing the wrong way in the wind and if you want to twirl without accidentally flashing anyone, we suggest this as your outfit! You could also sew or embroider a Swifite-specific reference or lyric from the RED (TV) album.

Important Reminder: Not all purses and bags are allowed in stadiums and concert venues. Shop these stadium-approved clear options.

RED-Inspired Shoes:

Whether you choose sneakers, cowboy boots, sandals, or heels, it’s important to remember you will not only be standing (at least for part of the night), but you will most likely be walking around the venue. Choose shoes that are comfortable and that you are okay with spending at least 4 hours in.

RED-Inspired Accessories:

In addition to the friendship bracelets, you could accessorize your outfit with any of these simple pieces. A belt can help define the waist in a dress or jumpsuit. The heart necklace is very on-theme with the album’s depth and how Taylor proudly writes about her feelings.

RED-Inspired Makeup:

It wouldn’t be a TSwift RED-era makeup look without the red lips and black liner recommendations. The items featured below are made without harsh chemicals typically found in other makeup brands. Plus, they’re small enough to bring into your show, if your venue allows it.

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