WaterBear: Free Sustainable Streaming Service

WaterBear is a sustainable streaming service dedicated to the future of the planet by providing films and thought-provoking series that empower you to lead a meaningful life. And, it’s free!

WaterBear’s membership policy is and will always remain free. This means they don’t ask for bank details and there aren’t any ads. Start streaming!

The image is a flatly of an iPad with the home screen displayed of the WaterBear app. The app is open on a page that lists various movies and tv shows the sustainable streaming service has available.

About WaterBear:

As one of the only interactive sustainable streaming services, WaterBear is dedicated to the environment. WaterBear’s mission is to provide purpose-driven content that inspires change.

What kind of content does WaterBear publish?

The sustainable streaming service has various titles available. For example, content from award-winning documentaries to short films and more can be streamed. WaterBear partners with global organizations to provide information and opportunities for viewers. The streaming service and its partners want viewers to connect with the causes featured within that media and take action.

How to watch the sustainable streaming service

WaterBear is available to watch on mobile, tablet, desktop, and tv. The streaming service is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Apple TV, and Samsung TV.

The image shows three white outlined icons. These are of a mobile device, laptop, and television. Underneath each image is text that says. Mobile & tablet iOS Android. Desktop Mac, Windows. TV Apple TV and Samsung TV.

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WaterBear’s Sustainability

In 2022, WaterBear celebrated a milestone and became a certificated BCorporation “BCorp”. This means the streaming platform met a highest standard with verified performances spanning the company’s social and environmental initiatives. BCorp acceptance also required public transparency, various forms of accountability (such as legal and financial), and more.

Sustainabilty Credentials

WaterBear’s priority is for all of their productions to be ALBERT Certified (which most already are). ALBERT is the sustainable standard and certification process for the entertainment industry. The organization helps educate and set a standard to create tv/film/content in a way that isn’t harmful to the planet.

ALBERT Certified

Being ALBERT certified means people working on projects know how to create the content/production’s filming and on-set sustainability plan. On top of that, education such as how to track carbon and create an offsetting plan are taught.

As a sustainable streaming service, WaterBear ensures the productions they acquire/produce align in more ways than the script and messaging.

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