Wearwell: Size-Inclusive Fashion

Wearwell is a size-inclusive fashion online marketplace. It offers sizes from XS-5X, while producing ethical accessories and other goods, too.

About Wearwell

Wearwell is a global sustainable marketplace providing fashion and accessories that are conscious of people and the planet. Headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. There, the founders laid the framework that maintains the inclusive brand.

What began as friends catching up over dinner turned into a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry to work better for people and the planet. Before starting Wearwell, co-founders Erin + Emily spent a combined 20 years in international development – from working with Fortune 500 companies incorporating responsible practices into their business to leading impact programs on the ground with nonprofits in over 5 countries. 

Together, they started Wearwell – headquartered in Philadelphia, PA – to make it easy to buy the most ethical + sustainable products and support the brands making a positive impact on garment workers and the environment.


It all began when friends, Erin Houston and Emily Kenney met for dinner. Their meal soon turned into a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry. Together and with their combined experience in international development, Wearwell was born.

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Sustainability Efforts:

Wearwell partners with many sustainable fashion brands from around the world. In order to provide customers with truly sustainable and ethical options, Wearwell has a vetting process to ensure partners uphold their values. Additionally, the marketplace aligns its business operations with a sustainable model.

Sustainable Credentials

Wearwell is a 1% for the Planet member and donates one percent of its profits to environmental organizations each year. Additionally, the company publishes yearly impact reports, which are available here. These reports detail additional environmental goals, accomplishments, or changes.

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Materials Used

Wearwell vets each brand and items on the website by these environmental and ethical standards. Most notably the visual badge icons provide an overview of the environmental and ethical priorities that went into the production of an item.

Second Hand Program

The Wearwellagain program collects gently used wearwell clothing and accessories, then redistributes them to land in a new closet. Plus, this creates a circular economy. Wearwell uses the second-hand program toclose the loop!

The program encourages customers who want to change up their style or for whatever other reason if they no longer want a previous purchased item, to properly dispose of their items. Instead of throwing items away or the clothing ending up in landfill, they can go to a new person who will use and wear them. Those participating in the Wearwellagain program receive a discount towards a new purchase!

How does it work?

Follow the steps on this page to request the free shipping label. From there, Wearwell will coordinate and pay the cost of shipping to have items mailed to them. Once those items are received and processed, the company will send a discount code that can be applied to future Wearwell orders.

Discounts available:
  • 1-4 items accepted: 5% coupon
  • 5-9 items accepted: 10% coupon
  • 10+ items accepted: 15% coupon

Social Justice & Advocacy

Wearwell supports various social justice and awareness initiatives. Most notably, the company has reported (detailed in the 2023 impact report, here) it partners with 87% women-owned and 30% BIPOC-owned businesses.

Financially, Wearwell donates an additional percentage of profits — 1% of each order— to a nonprofit of the customer’s choosing and at no additional cost.

The company partners with Beam Impact to support causes such as reproductive justice, racial equity, LGBTQIA+ equity, clean oceans, and fabric recycling.

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