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Whether you’re an individual or a business, calculate and offset your carbon footprint using Wren’s carbon offsetting service.

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About Wren:

Wren is an online service helping to reverse the climate crisis by offering tools, services, and resources that help people take action to offset their carbon footprint.

The company partners with climate projects around the world to offset carbon emissions and offers a carbon calculator to estimate carbon footprints, as well as an ‘Actions’ tool to suggest actions their members can take to improve their environmental impact, based on the member’s lifestyle and interests.

To offset carbon emissions, Wren has a monthly subscription service, as well as one-time offsetting options, a fundraising tool to raise money for climate projects, carbon offsetting gifts, flight emissions offset support, and tools to calculate and offset business emissions.

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Wren Sustainable Actions

Sustainability Efforts:

Above all else, Wren’s mission is to help reverse the climate crisis. The company claims to “remove or offset at least twice the amount of carbon the organization and its employees are responsible for” and shares an annual report outlining “team and leadership demographics, executive and CEO pay ratios, and programs and strategies employed to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization.”

When members calculate and pay to offset their carbon emissions, 20% of their payment goes towards keeping Wren running and 80% is sent straight to climate projects that plant trees, sequester carbon, push for change, and/or conserve natural ecosystems.

All projects on Wren’s platform have been evaluated against 90+ indicators and cross-checked against peer-reviewed research to ensure they meet the company’s climate impact and systems change standards.

When choosing projects, Wren has also stated that its goal is to “support the systems change needed to build a sustainable and equitable future in which human and planetary health is secure. To support this, we choose projects that contribute to social, cultural, political, and economic change.”

The company also considers how its projects advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and it prioritizes “projects that center the voices of those on the frontline of the climate crisis – such as Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.”

Wren Projects Map

Sustainable Credentials

Wren is a registered Public Benefit Corporation with a published legally binding charter, outlining its commitments as a company.

Sustainable Milestones

Wren registered as a Public Benefit Corporation in May 2020.

In October 2023, Wren shared that, thanks to their members, the company has offset 500,000 tons of carbon emissions.

In November 2023, the company shared that, to date, it has sent $8 million to its climate projects globally.

Wren Carbon Offsetting Accomplishments

Currently Working Toward

According to its Public Roadmap, Wren is working on bringing on new carbon offsetting projects and developing a lifetime emissions calculator for its members.

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